Review By Patty Douglas

If I were to sum up my experience with Dreadlocks By Crochet in one word. That word would be “incredible”. Through some bad hair choices and bad habits and the final insult ,a family member saying to me “dude you gotta get that fixed !”.

I found myself online looking for emergency hair help! I came upon Dreadlocks By Crochet. Honestly, I’ve never heard of crocheting someones locks. I imagined someone trying to crochet a sweater on your head out of your locks.

Then I made a call to Norma the locktition at Dreadlocks By Crochet. I thought I was going to talk someone who wanted to listen quick and just tell you to make an appointment. But Norma was very kind and patient. She really listened to what I was saying. I followed up and texted pics of my locks. Which she responded to right away. As well as, immediately offered me options.

She came to my home right on time and was prepared. After Norma explained what she could do for me. We again went over the options. Then she got to work. My locks repair took longer than expected. So Norma had to leave but promised to come back.; And she did as promised.

It took 2 days to finish my locks. Because thats how bad my locks were. Thats right I said “were”. Norma did an incredible job fixing and repairing my dreads. Making my rats nest now look like my beautiful locks again!

So, when I think of excellence in service. I think of receiving what was promised, efficiency in delivering that promise, meeting the expectation of “say what your going to and do it”, and making sure the customer appreciate the value of the service. Norma did all these things and more!

I was so impressed with Norma, I plan to continue a maintenance regiment with her as long as I’m in Edmonton. By the way, she’s not just great at being a locktition she is always a really really nice person!

Thank you Norma for making me feel and look like myself again!

5/5 stars
Gibson Patterson, Edmonton (via Google)